Niche Nomad is a site devoted to the topic of generating ideas for niche markets!

For those of us looking to make a living online, it can be a creative struggle to look outside of what we know in order to think of ideas for our next niche – but coming up with the right idea, ideally with low competition, is essential to success. To get there usually means evaluating a bunch of ideas before hitting the winner.

The aim of this website is to be one of the go-to resources for brainstorming and discovering those new niche ideas to consider for your next project. We decided to create this site as a result of frustration in only finding good suggestions for niche idea generation here and there, or mentioned in tutorials, but rarely a great reference in one place. It’s also a topic we enjoy finding creative solutions to, and a push button niche generator is around the corner.

Now, why nomad? There are a lot of reasons for wanting financial security or passive income, but for many of us the ultimate dream is to be free to travel regularly or permanently. When it becomes the new norm to do a quick check of the online businesses from under a row of palm trees on a tropical beach… well that’s a great new way to spell financial success! 🙂


palm trees